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"Company" - means Ichiban Figaro`s.


"Consumer" - the person, or firm, company or other body not connected to the motor trade industry or on behalf of whom/which the Order / Invoice has been signed.


"Trade Buyer" - a person, firm, company or other body that are involved in the motor trade or linked in their line of business to the motor trade.


"Contract" - A Contract exists when the purchase invoice has been signed by both the Company and the Customer.


  1. Website information - if the information provided on our website should be shown to be incorrect and the purchaser has relied on this information, then we will notify the purchaser as soon as possible and offer a refund of any deposit made.

  2. All cars sold to a Consumer (excluding a Trade Buyer) come with a minimum 28 day warranty (details available upon request) which will start from the day of delivery. Additional warranty cover can be purchased for three or six months, prices available upon request. Alternatively some vehicles may come with the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty; the consumer shall receive the warranty cover whichever is the greater.

  3. Trade Buyers are not covered by our 28 day warranty.

  4. Any mileages quoted are approximate and may not be always be accurate. Ichiban Figaro`s attempt to check and verify the vehicles mileage as being accurate by carrying out a variety of checks including previous owners, Service History, MOT History via a VOSA Check, and a HPi Check. In the absence of any statement to the contrary, the purchaser should regard the mileage displayed as checked.

  5. Where a purchaser changes their mind and cancels a contract for the purchase of a vehicle, we are entitled to look for and recover our reasonable expenses, such as administration costs and loss of profit. These costs will be deducted from any prepayments made by the purchaser and any remaining monies will be refunded.

  6. Any proposed contract shall be governed by and be in the jurisdiction of English Law and the Laws of the United Kingdom only.

  7. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the purchaser must pay in full, the stated price of the car before taking delivery or collecting, and in any event within 14 days of notification that delivery or collection can be made.

  8. Non-payment by the due date - our company will send you a reminder asking you to pay the due balance within 7 days. If the purchaser fails to agree to the revised date then we are entitled to recover our reasonable expenses which include storage costs and interest on the debt.

  9. All reference to payment means cleared funds.

  10. If the Company agrees to part of the price for any vehicle being paid by way of a part exchange vehicle, such vehicle must be delivered to the Company on or before delivery of the newly purchased vehicle and the following conditions shall apply at the date of delivery and or exchange of the vehicles:-(a). Any details and statements made describing the part exchange vehicle set out must be true to the seller's best knowledge and the vehicle must be in virtually the same condition as seen at the date of its examination / valuation or the acceptance of it as a part exchange by the company.(b). If either or both of those conditions are not met, the Company shall be entitled to cancel the contract and to seek damages from the seller.(c). The Company shall be entitled to offset these damages against any deposit paid by the seller.(d). The company shall at the request of the seller, transfer the title of the vehicle to such third party provided that all reasonable costs of the company are paid by the seller and the seller is bound by these conditions. The company reserves the right to settle any outstanding credit owing on an item offered by a seller for part exchange and to deduct that amount from the value of the part exchange item.

  11. The Company shall not be liable to the purchaser / seller or be deemed to be in breach of contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond the Company's reasonable control.

  12. Any claim by the seller based upon defects in the quality or condition of the vehicle shall be notified to the Company within a reasonable time of the date of delivery or, where the defects were not apparent on a reasonable inspection, within a reasonable time after discovery of the defects.

  13. The company shall deliver or make the vehicle available for collection at the Company's address stated. Any dates/times quoted for delivery/collection are approximate only, as some factors are outside of our reasonable control. Time shall not be of the essence unless agreed by both parties in writing. The company shall be entitled to levy reasonable storage charges having given notice to the purchaser that the vehicle is ready for collection.


After purchasing a vehicle from us, if you should experience any problems or concerns with your vehicle please contact our company as soon as possible.

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